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Julia Christine Tarini

7lbs. 4.5oz., 20 in.

Our Little Bird

Our adventure began on Saturday, March 18th, about a week before “our little bird” was due.  Craig and I went out for dinner and a movie to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary.  Last year we thought about celebrating our five year anniversary in Jamaica (where we were married).   Little did we know our lives would be forever changed.

After dinner, Craig and I were joking that our fine rich meal would trigger the start of the birth process.  That night I woke up around 2 a.m. feeling damp.  I wondered if my water had broken.  I got up to use the bathroom and still wasn’t sure.  I decided to stretch a little before going to bed because I was unusually tight.  While doing a lunge I felt a gush of fluid escape.  I knew for sure what was happening now.  I went back up to bed to lie down and decide what to do.  I decided to wake up Craig and let him know what was happening.  I wasn’t really having contractions, just mild cramping so we decided to sleep…I couldn’t sleep.  All I could think about is that we didn’t have anything ready or packed.  We tend to be very organized people, so it was very strange that we didn’t have things ready.  So we got up and packed.  After that we tried to sleep…I still couldn’t sleep.  I wanted to call Paula for guidance.  So we waited for a semi reasonable hour to call (5:30am).  After talking to Paula and getting instructions to take my temperature and pulse and monitor everything…now I could sleep!  We talked to Paula periodically throughout the day while monitoring my vitals.  We did some errands and finished some tasks around the house-like caulking the tub.  My parents were called to come and pick up our dogs (this we had planned ahead of time).  We tried various techniques to get me into active labor but it just wasn’t happening.

The next morning (Monday) Paula called to let me know that she had made an acupuncture appointment for me.  I have had treatments during my pregnancy so I thought this was a good idea.  Craig went to work that morning…waiting for my call.  He was only there 1 hour and had to leave.  We drove to River Falls for acupuncture.  After the treatment we stopped at the Morning Star for a checkup.  I started to have a pink discharge and my contractions were more consistent but still mild and irregular.  Paula talked to us about the potential of infection.  Our backup doctor was getting antsy and recommended that I be admitted to the hospital to induce labor.  This made me quite emotional because that was the last thing I wanted to do.  We had a serious talk with Paula about risks and decided that we would wait.  I had no sign of infection and didn’t want to be induced in the hospital because that was the “policy”.  After that intense, stressful conversation we got back to business.  Paula and Karen were giving us many ideas and techniques to try to induce naturally.  Some of them we did at the Birth Center, including Craig adjusting me (we are both Chiropractors).  Then we went home and got to work.  I drank a castor oil cocktail (you can do anything when motivated enough!), bounced on the exercise ball, walked, nipple stimulation, and took some homeopathic drops on a very regular interval.  Craig was cheering me on, timing things and giving me food and drink.  Things were starting to pick up but we weren’t sure if it was labor pain or bowel pain from the castor oil cocktail.  By 9:00pm I was ready to go.  We called Paula and headed to the Birth Center.

We were all expecting that I was dilated at least 5 cm, but was only 1-2 cm and 60% effaced.  That was a let down for me.  I thought we were really progressing.  I didn’t want to go home so we stayed and “rested” for a while.  I didn’t sleep at all.  I was constantly shifting positions from the bed to ball to birthing stool to bathroom and then back again.  I definitely was “laboring”.  I was dying to jump into the birthing tub, which was waiting for me, but I wasn’t dilated enough to sit in the water (infection risk).

On Tuesday the 21st at 5:30am I was feeling pretty bad and vomited.  Paula checked me again and I was 8-9cm and 100% effaced!  Thank God!  Craig and I got into the tub immediately.  It was like heaven.  The difference in contraction pain in and out of the tub was measurable.  I did not want to get out.  For the next 5 ½ hours I labored in the tub and pushed for 3 ½ of those hours.  The time flew by.  I was breathing, resting, eating and drinking.  At times we got out to use the restroom and walk around.  There was actually a very relaxed mood overall.  At one point we decided to play some music.  Bob Marley was the choice.  We laughed, sang and talked about our wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica.  The music was very fitting.  A ½ hour before “our little bird” was born the song “Three Little Birds” came on. As I labored in the water I sang along…”don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright….”  I was singing to my baby.  At 11:01 am Julia was born.  The cord was wrapped around her neck a couple of times.  I didn’t have time to worry because Paula unwound it very quickly and then we heard Julia’s sweet chirps (now we call it crying).

After some time of resting, eating and instruction we returned home with one new little bird to join our nest.  Our adventure has just started…

Laura Bertram, DC & Craig Tarini, DC

Julia Christine Tarini born March 21, 2006

7 lbs. 4 ½ oz., 20 inches long

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