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Payton Daniel Kazort

7lbs. 12oz., 21in.

Payton Daniel was born August 14, 2006 at 2:42am to two very scared parents and one excited by calm grandmother.

My contractions started at 1am.  I lay in bed and timed them.  I didn’t want to wake everyone up until I knew for sure it was going to happen.  My contractions were 1-3 minutes apart and about 45 seconds long.  They didn’t feel too strong, and my water had not broken, so I was in no hurry.

With my daughter, Rylee, my water broke first.  It was 9 hours before I felt my first contractions, and then it was still 10 hours until I delivered.  I thought there would be plenty of time.

At about 1:30am my contractions started to get stronger, so I woke up my husband Adam, who fell back to sleep.  I woke him up again at 1:45 and told him it was time to get going.  He went to call Paula to let her know we were on our way to the center.  That’s when things got messed up.  He couldn’t find her cell number anywhere.  I had lost it!

That’s when my water broke.  My contractions were getting stronger.  Adam was upset and starting to get worried.  I told him to grab the phone book.  He woke my mom, sister and brother up so they could get everything to the car.  Two phone calls later, we found Paula at home.  It was now 2:20am.

When everything was ready Adam came to help me to the car.  That’s when I informed him I didn’t think I could get in the car.  My pushing pains had started.  My body was pushing without me telling it to.  I tried to tell it to stop, but it wouldn’t.

Adam was annoyed and very scared at this point.   I told him I was not able to go anywhere.  E told me to get my underwear on and get in the car – we were going.  I said I couldn’t.  So he grabbed the phone and called Paula again to tell her the latest development.  While talking with here, the phone hung up, so he left the bathroom to get the phone charger.

That’s when I had my last pushing pain.  I reached down and felt Payton’s head, then yelled Adam’s name.  As he ran into the room to se if I was okay, Payton came out.  I handed him to Adam who handed him back and dialed Paula while yelling to my mom to get up to the bathroom.  I still had Payton upside down.  I was scared to lift him up, because I had nothing to clear his nose or mouth with.  But in just a few seconds, he was crying.  That’s when Mom came in, very shocked.  She then reassured both of us by saying, “It’s okay.  He’s okay.  We’re okay.”

Paula talked Adam through what to do next.  I got in the tub, fed Payton, put towels on him to keep him war and waited for Paula to get to the house.  When Paula arrived, she helped Adam cut the cord.  E took Payton into our room, and Paula helped me deliver the placenta into the toilet of all places.

I took a quick shower to rinse off and then got into bed.  We talked and checked vitals for the next 4 hours, retelling the story and laughing at how everyone’s faces looked and what was said.  We all came to the conclusion that it was an experience we would only like to have once, but what an experience!

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