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Leo Aaron Dettinger

It was May 10th 7pm and I had just gotten back into Rochester after being at my parents' home for a week. I was three days past my due date. My parents live about 30 minutes from the birth center and I thought my little bundle of joy would know to come out into this world when I was a little closer to the birth center and Paula! So I got home, made supper, cleaned up a bit and went to bed. I told Josh, my husband, I was a little tired and feeling "different." Josh said, "Well you know you're going to go into labor tonight since you just got back into town!"

Well he was right. After 5 years of being married to Josh I have finally learned that he is usually right! About 10:00pm I started having contractions about 5 minutes apart. We immediately got on the road and headed to the birth center. We called Paula on the way and she recommended we come straight to the birth center. On the ride to the birth center the contractions grew a bit stronger and closer as I presumed they would. I focused and prayed through each contraction, I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13. This scripture guided me and helped me through each contraction, through the painful, weak, and helpless moments I felt. My contractions were muted with each prayer. I remember thanking God and feeling amazed at his grace. We got to the birth center and Paula checked me. I was at 10cm already! I thought ok it is just a matter of time before I meet my precious baby! I had a nice rest while in the warm bath at the birth center. Then I got out of the tub and both Josh and I rested during the contractions they were just about 2 minutes apart now. The transition stage seemed to last a long time and I was starting to grow tired and anxious. Paula was sitting in the chair in the corner of our room. I remember enjoying her accessibility but appreciating her allowing my husband to play a very important role in this beautiful moment. Paula would check the baby's vitals and my own. Everything was going as expected. She reassured me that I was doing well and I would be ready to push soon. I slowly transitioned to the second stage of labor. After only about 6 hours of labor I was able to start pushing. With my husband behind me both literally and physically I was able to effectively push and the baby's head started to crown. This is one of my favorite moments because it means in a very short time I will be able to hold and cradle this incredible gift from God. The time seemed to almost stand still. Then with one more very strong push I start to hear the most beautiful sound in the world, my baby! Paula immediately handed me my adorable baby boy. Paula took his vitals and checked him out, while I still lovingly gazed at my newborn. I don't remember what I said besides, "Thank you. He's beautiful. I love you sweet boy." I know I was thanking Paula for another job well done. (She wonderfully delivered my other two boys at the birth center.) But I most importantly was thanking my heavenly Father for this baby, for my husband and for providing me with the strength to bring His baby into this world. My husband still behind me said, "It's a boy. You did such a great job. I love you." Thank you Morning Star staff for helping me adhere to my birth plan. And I thank you all for giving me the encouragement and support throughout my pregnancy and labor. Blessings to you all! 

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