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Trevor Steven Markley

My pregnancy was not planned but I am so happy to be holding my little boy now! I had nausea and was very tired the first trimester. I had extreme weakness for a couple weeks until my midwife figured out that my electrolytes were low. My second trimester was great! Then at 27 weeks, contractions started and I rested as much as possible until 36 weeks.

I was most looking forward to seeing how my experience would be different compared to my first 2 births in the hospital. I was most nervous about my cervix tearing, excessive bleeding, and back pain.

My labor began at 37 weeks. My contractions were 5 minutes apart so I went to the birth center and was sent home the next day at 5 cm because contractions stopped. At 38 weeks & 2 days my midwife stripped my membranes when I was effaced at 100%. An hour later contractions started getting closer together and were stronger. My husband asked me if I was sure that this was really time. 

My labor was long and nerve-wracking because I was worried that contractions would stop again; I was overjoyed when contractions were more consistent and I knew I would be holding my baby soon.  My husband put pressure on my lower back while I was having back pain with my contractions. The water helped tremendously. Being out of the water made the pain of back labor seem worse. My midwife's encouragement that nothing was wrong with me when my labor seemed to be dragging on forever helped me cope. 

My baby was born at 12:27, when the midwife stepped out for a few minutes. My husband said that I should push my baby out right now, and with my next contraction I felt the baby crown and I pushed him out, and pulled him out of the water. The assistant told me that I tried to hand my baby to her right away (but I don't remember that). I was amazed by my baby! In the next few hours, I was still in awe of the whole natural water birth and was overjoyed to be holding my baby.

At home, my 4 year old and 2 year old thought the baby was cute and wanted to give him lots of hugs and kisses. My husband pampered me and kept the other two children out of my bedroom so I could rest. He brought me meals in bed. The only pain I had were the afterpains.

My advice to other families is to go with a midwife.  You won't regret it.

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