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Xavier Reiter

Dear Sweet Baby Boy,

We were 12 days beyond our expected due date of July 3. We had tried a few
things to induce labor, like acupuncture, herbs and a lot of walking. Castor
oil was what finally started contractions at 9 pm on July 14. You had been
one inch from crowning for weeks – the lowest the midwives had seen for a
woman not in labor – so we expected the labor to be quick. We called our
doula, Colleen, who came over to the house within a half hour. Daddy,
Colleen and I called the midwife, Rosa, and we all decided that we should
come to the birthing center.

The next 12 hours or so was a blur for me. There were times when I was in
and out of sleep and in and out of reality. I spent a lot of time in the
tub, which was relaxing for me, but not helping things progress much. While
the contractions felt strong, they weren’t close enough together or
intense enough for me to start pushing. Being that this was my first
pregnancy, I had no reference point. Daddy, Colleen and our doula assistant,
Jen, took shifts with me throughout the night, while Rosa and the midwife
assistant, Holly, kept checking in to see how things were progressing.
Everyone was supportive. The atmosphere of the room was comfortable.

At about 3pm, Rosa had me take stronger herbs to speed things along. The
contractions then started getting closer together and very intense and the
pushing began. Unfortunately, when Rosa checked me, she discovered that my
cervix was over your head and that had really been slowing things down. She
maneuvered the cervix so that your passage was clear and I continued pushing
with the intensity of the contractions. Then we could see your head! I
continued with the pushing and as your head was further out, Rosa then
discovered your hand by your head, which was making things more difficult.
The midwives repositioned you. Then they noticed your other arm behind your
back and they changed that position as well. After several more pushes, you
were out at 7:22 pm!

Daddy put you on my belly. What a little miracle! Although I was extremely
exhausted, I was so happy! I have never been so glad to see another human
being in my entire life! Xavier, you were born with lots of hair and big
blue eyes and you were very aware of everything around you. After you cried
a little bit assuring us that you were breathing and healthy, you started
eating right away and were content as could be for the rest of the night.

Welcome to the world, darling angel. Thank you for choosing to be a part of
our family. We love you very, very much.

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